SalazArtist, LLC opens it's doors to struggling artists; we offer a platform designed for publicity, creativity, and marketing solutions.

Mission Statement

My vision is to provide leadership and a humanitarian role that will encourage struggling artists to succeed at a high level, and to mentor program participants. It becomes a bridge for exposure, publicity and digital marketing solutions in the world of art, including music, fine art, dance and related art forms. Salazartist, LLC represents a center for hope to many unknown artists and their compelling stories.

Salazartist, LLC represents a center for hope to many unknown artist stories and will focus on the prosperity of the artists.

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Joe Salazar

Founder and Program Director

SalazArtist, LLC features talented artists

"It's a win-win scenario"

My purpose and mission is to create works of art and sell them online, and in doing so help strugging artists achive their goals. I specialize in portrait, sculpture design and abstract art. One of the things I do is help struggling artists and create their portraits and when the drawings sell, they receive a commission from it.

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"I like to connect my jewelry to spirituality, the chakras within the body"

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I am a Singer/Songwriter who writes songs about, what else? Love!

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